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7/27/2009 - Storm Response Information for Hamilton Township, NJ

Storm Response Information for Hamilton Township, NJ



Hamilton Township Emergency Management personnel, local police and fire officials, along with Public Service Electric & Gas (PSEG) employees have begun responding to severe damage caused by last evening’s storm system that affected portions of Hamilton Township (Mercer County), NJ.


The storm system, which is estimated to have left approximately 400 homes without power as of Monday morning, impacted telephone lines and has knocked down trees and tree branches in sections of the township.  The sections of the community that appear to be the most heavily impacted are the Yardville, Groveville and Whitehorse sections of Hamilton Township, although other areas were affected. 


At this time, it appears that cable, land-line telephone and electricity through PSEG is out for homes impacted by the storm.  It has yet to be determined when all homes currently without power will once again have power; however PSEG employees are on site and working to restore power as soon as possible.


It does not appear that there have been any interruptions in water service at this time.  Nevertheless, emergency responders and Township inspectors are in the field and continuing to make assessments.  


Hamilton Township Mayor John Bencivengo noted that all Township employees visiting homes as part of this response will have proper Hamilton Township identification.  Residents should ask to see any individual’s identification before allowing them onto their property or into their residence.


While residents with any emergency issues should still contact 911, an information center through the Hamilton Township Department of Public Works has been set up to receive storm-related calls from residents.  Hamilton residents may call (609) 890-3572 to report storm-related issues or receive further information. 


Additionally, a mobile emergency management center has been set up in the Yardville section of Hamilton Township, near the intersection of Sunnybrae Boulevard and Elton Avenue.  Hamilton Township inspectors, police personnel and other responders will be present at this mobile station for nearby residents in need of assistance. 


Also, Hamilton Township is conducting Reverse 911 calls in an attempted to provide further information to residents who live in the more-heavily impacted areas of the community.


Hamilton Township Mayor John Bencivengo has declared a limited local disaster area for the portions of the community affected by the storm system.  This declaration has been sent to Mercer County, State and federal officials.   Mayor Bencivengo was on site in the Yardville section of Hamilton Township last evening and continues to be on site for the response effort.


For residents experiencing fallen trees that have damaged their homes or fell onto their properties, emergency management officials are recommending that residents contact their homeowner’s insurance providers.  In addition, Hamilton Township building inspectors are working to assess any structural damage to homes that might require more immediate attention.    


Hamilton Township Department of Public Works employees will be working to address any instances of trees that are preventing residents from leaving their homes and removing any trees that are in township roadways.  Mercer County Road Division employees will be addressing trees that have fallen into county roads.


Residents can place any brush or vegetative debris into the gutter area of roads for Hamilton Township employees to remove.  Additional, residents can take this debris to the parking lot area near Gropp’s Lake (the area that is routinely used for leaf drop-off during the fall season) or the Township’s Ecological Facility if they so choose.