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8/30/2018 - Public Notice – Sewer Bill Information and Billing Format Change - Due October 1st


Public Notice – Sewer Bill Information and Billing Format Change - Due October 1st 

Sewer bills have recently started to be mailed to residents with sewer system service.  Residents who have not yet received their bills should within the next few days. 

This bill is due on October 1, 2018; although Hamilton’s grace period allows residents the ability to avoid late fees as long as their payment is received by the Tax Collector’s Office before the end of the Township business day on Wednesday, October 10, 2018.


  • Sewer Bill for Half Year Only

Residents will notice that their sewer bill is only for half of the year (rather for the entire 12 month period). 

This new effort hopes to help some residents from inadvertently forgetting to make annual March 1st payments (half a year after the bill has been mailed).

The bill for the remaining second half of the year will be mailed to residents in the winter of 2019.

Residents can still elect to pay for the full 12 month period before October 10, 2018, if they desire.

Also, residents can also consider signing up to make automatic payments for sewer bills only (for the next bill due on March 1, 2019)


  • Hamilton Still Delivers One of the Lowest Sewer Bills in Our Region

Hamiltonians still enjoy one of the lowest sewer utility costs around.

This year’s annual residential bill of $312 (first half due on October 1, 2018 is $156) - which has remained flat since 2009 - results in a sewer bill that is almost half the amount that families pay in neighboring towns.  The newsletter insert in the current bill provides a comparison chart for how Hamilton’s residential sewer rate compares to costs for a family of four in other neighboring communities.)


  • Remember – Your Sewer Payment is Not Likely Automatically Made Through Your Mortgage Escrow Accounts

Unlike quarterly property tax payments, Hamilton residents and property owners are reminded that Sewer Utility payments are NOT automatically paid through escrow accounts (used for mortgage payments) in nearly all cases.


  • Convenient Online Payment Options and Features

Remember, you can make the following types of payments electronic if it is more convenient to you:

  • One-time sewer bill payments
  • One-time property tax payments
  • Access bills and payment information
  • And use a variety of online payment options including:
    •  E-Check
    • Visa Personal Debit (pinless) card payments
    • And other Debit/Credit Cards
    • Please Note: Convenience charges are assessed for these options and paid directly to the company processing electronic payments. The Hamilton Township Municipal Government receives no revenue from these convenience charges.

Access these options at: