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9/1/2018 - Happy Labor Day from Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede

Happy Labor Day from Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede

As we mark the unofficial ‘end of summer’ and our children ready to begin a new school year, Labor Day remains an important time for us to recognize and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the men and women that built our great nation and who continue to contribute to our vibrant economy.

The sacrifices, grit and determination of the American worker has led to our nation’s growth in prosperity, paved the highways and built the bridges that connect us, erected the buildings, factories and skyscrapers that fuel our country’s economic engine and create the products and services that continue to improve our daily lives and to support our loved ones.

Many of us are fortunate that we will enjoy this holiday with family, friends and neighbors, but we should also take a moment to appreciate our fellow citizens who will work on this Labor Day, whether in retails stores or in our health care facilities, as police officers, firefighters and first responders or as members of our United States Armed Forces.  Because it is all of us – together – whose labor continues to makes ours’ the greatest country in the world.

Kelly A. Yaede
Mayor of Hamilton Township