A gas-leak issue in the area of Quakerbridge Rd has resulted in a road CLOSURE and detours until further notice.

Repair efforts will continue well into this evening (Wednesday, November 14, 2018) and motorists should attempt to avoid this area if possible.

Traffic is currently being detoured in the following manner:

Quakerbridge Rd South Bound Traffic:  Vehicles Taking Nami Ln to Thomas J Rhodes Dr to Quakerbridge Plaza Dr back to Quakerbridge Rd
Quakerbridge Rd North Bound Traffic: Vehicles Taking Flock Rd to Edinburg Rd to Hughes Dr. (and eventually back to Quakerbridge Rd) 

PSE&G continues to be on site and responding to this issue.

Further updates will be posted when available.

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9/4/2018 - County Prosecutor Commends Hamilton Animal Control and Public Works Employees for Assistance in Recent Animal Cruelty Case

County Prosecutor Commends Hamilton Animal Control and Public Works Employees for Assistance in Recent Animal Cruelty Case

Recently, following the investigation and arrest of a Pennsylvania man on multiple animal cruelty charges in relation to a rural Hamilton property he owned, Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo Onofri publicly thanked Hamilton Township’s Animal Control and Public Works employees for their assistance.

Township employees worked with the new Humane Law Enforcement Unit of the Mercer County Prosecutor’s office is response to a roaming 500-pound hog that was not properly and securely kept at the rural farm, which also had other live animals on the premises.  

Hamilton Public Works employees helped to make temporary pens to safely secure the live animals and to prevent their future escape in the interest of public safety.  Likewise, Hamilton Animal Control officers helped to secure the transfer of animals to the new pens, assisted a State of New Jersey Veterinarian during bloodwork and diagnostic testing, and have helped to provide food for the animals for nourishment.

Mercer County Prosecutor Onofri commended all of the employees involved in the case.      

"Thanks to the extraordinary effort of these employees, we were able to secure all of the live animals in makeshift pens and provide them with food generously donated by Rosedale Mills, water and shelter.  Workers constructed pens on site and have been taking care of the animals for a week."