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10/9/2018 - Take a Virtual Tour of Hamilton’s Animal Shelter

Take a Virtual Tour of Hamilton’s Animal Shelter

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Take a view of the Hamilton Township Animal Shelter for yourself, to see our community’s home for our local stray pets that are awaiting their forever homes.

Hamilton’s shelter can house up to 36 dogs and 50 cats, and includes a medical area, private quarantine areas, two adoption rooms and a grooming area.

Township officials have completed several facility improvements over the past few weeks following a state inspection, as well as has taken proactive measure that include:

  • New Electronic Records System for Adoptable Pets
  • New Operational Procedures
  • An Expansion of Volunteer Opportunities
  • An Independent Consultant for Animal Shelter Assessment
  • A move toward what is referred to as ‘no-kill’ practices

More Information:

See our Pets ‘4’ Adoption at our Shelter
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Update on Hamilton Animal Shelter:  Hamilton Hires Independent Consultant for Animal Shelter Assessment, is Finalizing Agreement for Shelter Veterinarian
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See Shelter Progress Report (August 2018)
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