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1/22/2019 - Hamilton’s Health Division Protecting Public Health Through Community Programs and Clinics


Hamilton’s Health Division Protecting Public Health Through Community Programs and Clinics

Throughout the year, Hamilton’s Health Division protects public health through a variety of programs and clinics that benefit thousands of residents, including our community’s children.

“We want our community to know about the many important services and efforts performed by our Health Division.  The clinics, programs and monitoring conducted by our Health Division make a positive difference in the area of public health, particularly for our children and those in vulnerable health categories,” explains Mayor Kelly Yaede.

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Flu Immunization Clinics

Each year, Hamilton’s Health Division works to help residents avoid the seasonal influenza virus and pneumonia through its annual immunization clinics and community outreach. In 2018, the Health Division administered 3,033 flu shots at 53 different community sites (clinics), which included clinics at age-restricted communities and for school faculty and staff, as well as 233 pneumonia vaccinations (2 types) and 47 visits to homebound residents.   


School Immunization Audits

Hamilton’s Health Division conducts annual immunization audits at every public, private, day care and pre-school within our community in compliance with State of New Jersey mandates.  The effort seeks to ensure that every student possesses the proper/required vaccinations.  In 2018, Hamilton’s Division of Health audited 6,939 student records.  

With a growing population of recently immigrated students, who may either not possess vaccination records and whose country of origin may have not the same vaccinations requirements, this effort has become increasingly important in protecting the health of our school children.

As an additional, proactive measure, Hamilton’s Health Division recently held a presentation for Hamilton’s public school principals to help ensure our community’s successful compliance to state vaccination requirements, which ultimately benefits our school children. 


Fighting Opioid Addiction

In response to the national opioid epidemic, Hamilton’s Division of Health has been at the forefront of local efforts within our community. 

The Health Division lead Hamilton’s Community Response Plan to address heroin/opioid issues. The plan was built upon several community partnerships, such as with the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital – Hamilton, The Overdose Prevention Agency Corporation (TOPAC), the Mercer Council on Alcoholism & Drug Addiction and Hamilton’s Public School District. The multi-faceted effort included:

  • Hamilton’s ongoing deployment of Naloxone (Narcan) through its Police Division
  • Pursuing community-wide citizen training efforts for Naloxone
  • Presenting overdose victims saved with Naloxone (Narcan) and their families with “save” counseling strategies at RWJ Hamilton in coordination with the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office,
  • Training on how to administer Naloxone for Hamilton's Division of Health Nurses, other Township officials including Mayor Yaede
  • Supplementing prevention efforts in Hamilton’s Public High Schools


As part of a collaborative effort with the Hamilton Public School District, Hamilton’s Health Division spearheaded high school speakers to supplement annual prevention efforts.  Former NFL football great (and Trenton native) Vance Johnson has been one of the program’s most notable speakers, offering a powerful message stemming from his own, past substance abuse struggles.           


Child Health Conferences (Clinics)

Hamilton’s Child Health Conferences (Clinics) provide screenings and vaccinations to uninsured children or children covered by the ‘Family Care Plan A’ program, from infancy to high school ages.  Services provided at these clinics include: physical examinations, tuberculosis (TB) testing, lead screenings and age appropriate immunizations (as needed). In 2018, Hamilton’s Division of Health held 82 Child Health Conferences (Clinics) that served 641 children, providing 1,585 vaccinations and 133 physical exams.  The clinics take place every other Wednesday and Thursday from 9 am to Noon and are staffed by a licensed nurse practitioner and qualified Public Health Nurses.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases & HIV Testing

Helping to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV, Hamilton’s weekly STD/HIV clinics (every Tuesday from 9 am to Noon, except holidays) helps to protect public health.  In 2018, Hamilton held 48 clinics, serving 350 clients, administering 201 HIV tests and 40 vaccinations.  


Communicable Disease Monitoring and Direct Observation Therapy

Hamilton’s Health Division also performs critical efforts that aim to prevent the spread of communicable and highly contagious diseases, such as those that must be reported to state officials with 24-48 hours.  Efforts include investigations, required contact to community members, administering screenings and ensuring treatment compliance.  In 2018, Hamilton’s Health Division tracked 300 plus communicable disease cases, made 386 necessary direct observation therapy visits (treatment compliance such as for cases involving tuberculous) and provided 218 screening tests.     


Emergency Preparedness (for Public Health Issues)

In a public health crisis, communities may need to provide mass quantities of medication to its citizens.  That is why Hamilton’s Health Division conducts preparedness exercises, known as ‘Point of Distribution’ (P.O.D.) exercises.  In 2018, the Health Division conducted such a preparedness exercise along with community members and students from The College of New Jersey (TCNJ).