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2/7/2019 - Convenient Online Payment Options for 1st Quarter Tax Bill


Convenient Online Payment Options for

1st Quarter Tax Bill


While 1st Quarter Property Tax Payments were due on February 1, 2019, we would like to remind Hamilton residents and property owners that Hamilton's 10-day grace period to avoid interest gives property owners until the close of the Township business day on Monday, February 11, 2019, to make 1st Quarter Property Tax Payments without incurring a late fee. 


Online Payment Options and Features:


Via the above link, residents can:

·        Access bills and payment information

·        Make one-time property tax payments

·        Make one-time sewer bill payments

·        And use a variety of online payment options including:

o   E-Check

o   Visa Personal Debit (pinless) card payments

o   And other Debit/Credit Cards

o   Please Note: Convenience charges are assessed for these options and paid directly to the company processing electronic payments. The Hamilton Township Municipal Government receives no revenue from these convenience charges.


Notice Regarding Late Payments and Postmark Dates


To help avoid any confusion for taxpayers, we would like to remind our community that all 1st quarter tax payments must be received by the Hamilton Township Tax Collector’s Office by 4 PM on Monday, February 11, 2019, in order to avoid late payment fees.  Therefore, please note that the Tax Collector’s Office will NOT accept the ‘Postmark Date’ as the date of receipt of payment for tax and/or sewer payments and will NOT allow for exceptions based upon postal delivery factors that are beyond the control of the Tax Collector’s Office.  If a taxpayer is concerned that their payment may not be received in time through postal delivery methods, they should strongly consider another payment method to avoid possible late fee charges.


Are Automatic Withdrawal Payments Right for You?


Through the above link, residents can also find out about automatic withdrawal payment options, which can be set up for either future tax payments, sewer payments, or for both.  For some residents, this is a helpful way to avoid forgetting to make mid-year payments. Currently, there is no transaction fee associated with this payment option.

Please Note: The Hamilton Township Tax Collector’s Office requires that an Authorization Agreement for Automatic Withdrawal Payments (accessible via and a Personalized Voided Check be returned and received at least 2 weeks prior to a payment due date in order process the payment in time.     


Are You a New Resident or Moved to a New Home?


If you moved into a new home within the past year, it may be possible that your tax or sewer bill (each of which is mailed once a year and includes separate portions for each payment due over the course of that 12 month period) was received by the prior property owner.  You can use our online payment system to check on the status of tax and sewer payments over the past 12 month period (to make sure that there are not any outstanding or missed payments).