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3/19/2019 - Facts Regarding Hamilton Police Security Costs

Facts Regarding Hamilton Police Security Costs

Recently, some media articles have questioned the financial costs of police security detail when assigned to Mayor Kelly Yaede.  Following criticism directed toward the police officers that perform this duty, Mayor Yaede publicly released the cost information related to both mayoral security detail and the cost of police security at Township Council meetings.

The cost of Police security for Mayor Yaede for 2018 is estimated to be less than $15,000.00.  Of that total, approximately $12,000.00 were salary costs – but it is important to note that because the officers are ‘on duty’, the officers would have received the same compensation during that time, even if not assigned to the Mayor.  In addition, $2,872.50 were travel-related costs for the entire year of 2018.

Thus far in 2019, Police security has been provided at Township Council Meetings at the Township Council’s request.  The estimated to cost to taxpayers is approximately $1,200 per meeting in salary costs.   Like the Mayor’s security, the officers serving are ‘on duty’ and would receive the same of compensation during that time, even if not assigned to the Township Council.   When taking past and upcoming scheduled meetings for the remainder of this year, the protection at Township Council meetings is on pace to cost taxpayers $20,400.00 in 2019