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3/25/2019 - Open Public Records Act Impact on Hamilton Township

Open Public Records Act Impact on Hamilton Township


With some of the accusations being made against the Hamilton Township Municipal Government regarding transparency, I believe it is important to provide some facts to residents.

In 2017, there were 755 open public records requests made to Hamilton Township.  During 2018, that number grew exponentially to 1,765 requests. 

Last year, Hamilton Township provided over 60,000 pages of public records to fulfill these requests. 

The significant increase in requests seems to be fueled by only a few individuals with personal agendas, rather than sincere efforts to obtain public information.  Not only has the dramatic spike in requests monopolized the time and resources of our government employees, they have cost taxpayer dollars.

The sad reality is that Township employees and our taxpayers are becoming the unintended casualty as a result of these politically-motivated requests. 

Additionally, there have been numerous instances of employees being video recorded, followed, and made to feel uncomfortable for simply doing their jobs.  To me, there is a clear distinction between these excessive actions and transparency.

Our Municipal Government will always remain committed to transparency, adhering to State Law regarding the Open Public Records Act and in demonstrating dedication and quality service to our bosses – the taxpayers of Hamilton Township.

Kelly Yaede
Mayor of Hamilton Township