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7/16/2019 - Yaede: Murphy Administration’s Deceptive Statements Shows Politics Still at Play

Yaede: Murphy Administration’s Deceptive Statements Shows Politics Still at Play

In response to the Murphy Administration’s letter regarding Hamilton Health Officer Jeff Plunkett, Mayor Kelly Yaede has made the following statement:


These are some of most egregious, false statements being made by Governor Murphy’s State Department of Health. These false statements will only undermine public confidence, are detrimental to all public employees, and will undoubtedly impact our local Hamilton business community.

We, and all citizens of New Jersey, should be gravely concerned by these falsehoods, and conclude that this is a continuation by the Murphy Administration, on behalf of its chosen Mayoral candidate – Jeff Martin, to spread false claims about Hamilton Township and its career employees for political gain.   The Murphy Administration’s Department of Health continues to destroy its credibility and trustworthiness. 

The proposed revocation letter to Health Officer Jeff Plunkett is deeply troubling by its inaccuracies and misleading statements, including the following: 

·        Based on our review, the State has misstated the requirements on N.J.A.C. 8:24-8.2. That section provides, “The Department or health authority shall inspect every retail food establishment as often as it deems necessary.   It does not require an annual inspection.

·        The State claims that Hamilton Township Code requires an annual inspection. It does not. 

·        Governor Murphy’s Health Department has the audacity to state that Hamilton Township failed to inspect Rosa’s Restaurant in 2014 prior to the Hepatitis A case; and yet Hamilton Township inspected the restaurant four (4) times that year before that incident (January 29, 2014; February 19, 2014; October 8, 2014; and October 21, 2014).   It is outrageous that the Governor Murphy’s Health Department, with no factual basis whatsoever, would repeat such a lie. The fact that Governor Murphy’s Health Department would attempt to blame one Township employee for a restaurant-related health incident four years ago is reprehensible.

·        Further, Governor Murphy’s administration’s failure to release the complaint records associated with cases in Hamilton and Trenton illustrates that politics remains their primary motive after numerous requests.

Over the last year, Hamiltonians have realized the ugliest political environment in its history – but this is beyond the pale.