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8/14/2019 - 2020 Census Activities Beginning; Identifying Census Bureau Field Representatives

2020 Census Activities Beginning; Identifying Census Bureau Field Representatives

With activities related to 2020 Federal Census beginning, which will include door-to-door canvassing by Census Bureau field representatives, the Hamilton Township is providing the following Census-related information to residents.

·         How to Identify a Census Bureau field representative (from US Census Bureau)

If you are visited by someone from the Census Bureau, here are some ways to verify the individual is a Census Bureau employee:

·         The field representative will present an ID badge that includes:

      • their name,
      • their photograph,
      • a Department of Commerce watermark, and
      • an expiration date.

·         A field representative will be carrying an official bag with the Census Bureau logo or a laptop for conducting the survey.

·         The field representative will provide you with a letter from the Census Bureau on official letterhead stating why they are visiting your residence.

·         Field representatives conduct their work between the hours of 9am and 9pm, local time.

·         Upon request, the field representative will provide you with their supervisor’s contact information and/or the phone number for your Census Bureau Regional Office. The Regional Office supervises the activities of all field representatives in your area.

·         If you wish to independently confirm that the person at your door is a Census Bureau employee, you can enter their name in the Census Bureau’s staff search website, or contact the Regional Office for your state.

·         Watch Video Regarding Identifying Census Employees and Learn More at:

·         Census activities would not be prohibited by Hamilton’s No Knock registry

·         For more information, visit: