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7/22/2011 - Property Tax Bills to Be Mailed Following State Government Delay in Finalizing Local Aid Figures


Property Tax Bills to Be Mailed Following State Government Delay in Finalizing Local Aid Figures

Hamilton residents will have until August 29th to pay property tax bills before incurring late penalties; No Township Tax Increase for 4th Consecutive Budget 



Hamilton Township officials want residents to know that property tax bills will begin reaching resident over the next week, following the State Government’s delay in finalizing Statements of State Aid (which must occur before tax bills are mailed).  Hamilton residents and property owners will now have until the end of the Township business day on August 29th for their property tax bill payment to reach the Tax Collector’s office, before incurring late penalties. 



Originally, property tax bills would have been due on August 1st, and residents would have had an extra 10 days to pay their bills before incurring late charges.   

“Residents should know that our community – like others across the state – were ready to mail out tax bills, on time, once the State Government finalize local aid figures and allowed County Boards of Taxation to certify tax rates,” explains Hamilton Township Chief Financial Officer John E. Barrett.  “Unfortunately, the delay – primarily due to the additional revenue that will be provided to public school districts as part of the State’s Fiscal Year 2012 budget – pushed back tax rate certifications and tax bill mailings.”

Although residents have until the end of the Township’s business day on August 29th for their payments to reach Hamilton’s Tax Collection office without a late penalty, State of New Jersey law requires any payment made after that date to be subject to late interest penalties assessed back to August 1st.           

“Although this delay was beyond our and other local governments’ control, the good news for residents is that – for a 4th consecutive budget – the Township portion of their tax bill, which represents approximately 25 percent of the total bill, will have no increase,” says Hamilton Township Mayor John Bencivengo. 

Property tax bills pay for government services for many government entities that are completely separate from the Hamilton Township municipal government.  These separate government entities include the Hamilton Public School District, Mercer County government, and residents’ local Fire District.   In addition to the Township portion of the bill, approximately 1.43% of residents’ tax bills fund the Hamilton’s Public Library (the amount is determined by the State of New Jersey and for the first time, will be listed as a separate line item of residents’ tax bills because of a new State Law), while the remaining 73.5% of residents’ property tax bills go directly to the Hamilton School District, Mercer County government, the County’s Open Space Fund and Hamilton’s Independent Fire Districts, all of which set their own tax rates.

Township officials also remind residents that online payment options exist to make the payment process easier and more convenient.  These options include:


ü  Paying Tax and Sewer Bills via Credit Card (note – there is a 2.9% service charge)


ü  Paying Tax and Sewer Bills via ACH Debit or Online Checking Account with NO Service Charge



Residents can access Hamilton’s online payment features by visiting the Township’s website ( and clicking on the “Pay Taxes Online” icon on the right-side of the homepage. 



Additionally, for future tax or sewer payments made following the current property tax bill due, residents may also wish to consider registering for direct checking or savings account withdrawals to automatically be made for future property tax bills and sewer payments.  Residents can also find the form on the Township’s website ( by clicking on the “Download Authorization Form” link that is located just under the “Pay Taxes Online” icon. 

“Our online payment options are becoming increasingly popular with residents,” reports Mayor Bencivengo.  “These increased options are part of our continuous quest to improve and expand government services.”