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10/16/2019 - Mayor Yaede and Non-Profit Partnership Could Revitalize Whitehorse-Mercerville Road Commercial Site

Mayor Yaede and Non-Profit Partnership Could Revitalize Whitehorse-Mercerville Road Commercial Site


Two neighboring vacant commercial properties on Whitehorse-Mercerville Road have long been an eye sore, but times are a changing in a positive way in Hamilton.

While construction of the “former Cost Cutters” site is well on its way – which will yield a new Snap Box site that should double commercial ratables for that property – there may soon be activity right next door where a ShopRite grocery store left the center long ago.

Project Freedom, a non-profit that offers housing opportunities to citizens with accessibility and special needs, has a strong interest in revitalizing the “upper mall” location where a former ShopRite and other retail sites once were occupied.

 “It is very exciting news to learn that there is serious interest in the potential revitalization of this long-vacant site,” says Mayor Kelly Yaede, who notes that Project Freedom would be required to undergo the land use process for approvals similar to any other applicant.  “We were optimistic that the revitalization of the neighboring location would help to spark activity at this property, which could erase this longstanding eyesore.”

Project Freedom representatives have been in touch with the ownership of the location and have also met with Hamilton Township officials to preliminary discuss their interest in the site.

The non-profit would look to expand its residential offerings that enable individuals with disabilities to live independently.  Its representatives cite a growing demand for these residences that led it to seriously look at the site, which would be just down the road from a second residential location that the non-profit recently received approvals to build.

“Project Freedom Inc is always looking at new opportunities to provide decent, affordable housing to our consumers.  Hamilton has been a great partner in years past, and Hamilton is a great town within which to live.  Although this project is in the very early stages, we believe that it would make an outstanding location for our housing, as well as enhance the existing neighborhood," says Tim Doherty, Executive Director and CEO of Project Freedom.