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10/13/2011 - Hamilton’s New Independent Financial Audit Illustrates ‘Perfect Record’ of No Recommended Action Items -- Positive Audit is Equivalent of Baseball ‘Perfect Game/No-Hitter’




Hamilton’s New Independent Financial Audit Illustrates ‘Perfect Record’ of No Recommended Action Items   

Positive Audit is Equivalent of Baseball ‘Perfect Game/No-Hitter’


While local baseball fans in Hamilton may have endured disappointing ends to their favorite teams’ seasons, they might appreciate this...Hamilton Township’s new financial audit, which will be presented to the Township Council at next week’s meeting, is the equivalent of a “perfect game/no-hitter” in baseball. 


A “perfect game” is defined as a game in which a pitcher achieves a victory by throwing for at least 9 innings (a normal, full-length game) where no opposing player reaches bases – therefore, allowing no hits, walks or any opposing player reaching base for any reason.  It is a difficult feat to achieve –more difficult than even a traditional ‘no-hitter’, as has only been achieve in Major League Baseball 18 times since the year 1900. 


In Hamilton’s new financial audit, conducted by an independent and certified municipal accountant, no recommended action items could be listed.  It illustrates, from the perspective of an independent auditor, that Hamilton Township’s municipal government operations are being conducted in manner demonstrating excellent financial management and fiscal oversight – where recommendations for corrective actions have not been suggested. 


“This audit illustrates the commitment that our entire administration has placed upon the priorities of fiscal responsibility and accountability to the taxpayers of Hamilton Township,” says Hamilton Township Mayor John Bencivengo.  “By implementing strong financial oversight controls and auditor recommendations from prior years, we have achieved efficiencies and fiscally strong government.   I believe the benefits of these results are evidenced by 4 consecutive budgets without a township tax increase, despite losing $5 million in state revenue, as well as in achieving the highest level of state recommended best practices for 2 consecutive years – qualifying Hamilton for 100 percent of state aid funding.”   


While the new audit may be impressive in and of itself, it can be appreciated as even more significant when comparing it prior Township audits from before the administration of Mayor John Bencivengo.   Hamilton’s Fiscal Year 2007 audit reported 65 violations of public contract law; while Hamilton’s Fiscal Year 2006 audit found 90 violations of public contract law. 


“Hamilton Township’s recent audit, which contains no negative findings or recommendations for corrective action, is confirmation that the current Administration has come a long way in implementing corrective measures and adhering to strict financial controls,” explains Auditor Robert S. Morrison, a Certified Public Accountant and a Registered Municipal Accountant.   “Hamilton taxpayers should find comfort that their local government is operating in accordance to the fiscal rules and regulations prescribed for municipalities.”