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10/18/2011 - PSEG Helps to Continue Community Events and Keep Residents Informed in Hamilton with Donation to Township



PSEG Helps to Continue Community Events and Keep Residents Informed in Hamilton with Donation to Township

One of the things that makes Hamilton Township a special community is its special events and unique community-wide services.

“Most towns do not have special community events like our annual Septemberfest, Fall Harvest and Winter Wonderland, and not all towns work to keep their residents informed through an annual community calendar of events or a biannual newsletter,” explains Hamilton Mayor John Bencivengo.  “These are things that really make us a special community --- a reason I believe we are ‘America’s Favorite Hometown.’”

Thanks to a $25,000 donation from PSEG to Hamilton Township, these special events and initiatives are more likely to continue -- without a cost to taxpayers.  This is the third consecutive year that PSEG has made this donation to Hamilton Township.

“Hamilton Township is Mercer Generating Station’s hometown,” says Bob Silakoski, Plant Manager.  “And as a good neighbor, we are happy to provide this donation to help continue the special events and initiatives that we and other Hamilton residents enjoy each year.”

In recent years, similar donations from PSEG have helped to provide Hamilton residents with a biannual community newsletter “The Scoop” and the annual calendar that all residents receive to inform them about township meetings and special seasonal services, as well as help support efforts to expand local economic opportunities and market Hamilton to potential entrepreneurs who might reenergize available commercial properties.

“I want to thank PSEG for being a good neighbor and for their concern for our community,” says Mayor Bencivengo.   “This type of public-private partnership is good for our residents and for the future of ‘America’s Favorite Hometown.’ ”


“Hamilton has been, and will continue to be, home to PSEG’s Mercer Generating Station for many years,” says Bob Silakoski.  “We look forward to continue being an active member of the community and working to ensure a bright future for Hamilton residents.”