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12/9/2011 - State of New Jersey Homestead Rebates Will Credit Over 11,000 Hamilton Residents’ February 2012 Tax Bills


State of New Jersey Homestead Rebates Will Credit Over 11,000 Hamilton Residents’ February 2012 Tax Bills

This upcoming week (of December 12th), over 11,000 Hamilton residents who qualified for the State of New Jersey’s Homestead Credit Benefit will begin receiving adjusted February 2012 tax bills in the mail, with a lower property tax bill for that quarter’s payment.

In previous years, residents received property tax rebate checks sent to them by the State of New Jersey.  Last year – for the first time, credits were applied directly to residents’ property tax bills, rather than through the mailing of rebate checks.

This year’s homestead property tax credit will adjust residents’ February 2012 property tax bills (due on February 1, 2012) as opposed to last year’s credit, which the State of New Jersey applied to residents May 2011 property tax bills.  Therefore, residents should note that property tax bills due on May 1, 2012, are NOT being adjusted, and should prepare to make full payments for their May 2012 property tax bill.

Hamilton residents may contact the HamStat Call Center at 609-586-0311 with questions.