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3/1/2012 - Hamilton Sees Drop in Crime, Officials Eager to Continue Trend


Hamilton Sees Drop in Crime, Officials Eager to Continue Trend

While other area communities have seen a rise in crime, Hamilton Township has seen a drop in crime, which Township officials are eager to continue.

In the past year, the overall crime rate in Hamilton Township has dropped approximately 3 percent (from 23.5 per 1000 residents in 2010 to 22.8 per 1000 residents in 2011).  Hamilton experienced a drop in non-violent crime by 3.76 percent (from 21.3 per 1000 residents in 2010 to 20.5 per 1000 residents in 2010), as well as a drop in violent crime by 1.4 percent year-over-year.  Violent crime dropped in Hamilton for the second, consecutive year (or by 4.1 percent since 2009).  The statistics are based upon Hamilton Police data that is submitted to the New Jersey State Police on a monthly basis and is used by the State Police to compile their Uniform Crime Report (UCR) data.   

“To me, what is positive about these statistics is that the trend of crime in Hamilton Township has been downward, while in some neighboring communities, the trend has been the opposite,” says Hamilton Township Mayor John Bencivengo.  “As I mentioned in my State of the Township Address, it is much more than positive statistics – it’s about people.  I give credit to Chief Collins and our entire, dedicated Police Division, for their tireless efforts to make our community as safe as possible for our residents.”     

Hamilton Police Chief James W. Collins attributes the drop in crime to police efforts such as solving more crimes, arresting criminals and removing them from the streets, proactive patrols, and crime prevention programs and initiatives including Hamilton’s Neighborhood Crime-Watch Program.

“Although crime is a reality in the world in which we live, I commend our Hamilton Township Police Division for the job that they do to catch those who perpetrate criminal acts in our community,” says Mayor John Bencivengo.   “Case after case, our dedicated officers apprehend those who commit crime, which I believe is the best deterrent to prevent future crime.”          

During the past year, some of the more prominent successes of the Hamilton Police Division’s efforts include key criminal investigations that led to arrests in the Chase Bank robbery and the arrest of a 5-member organized burglary theft-ring, as well as a significant number of graffiti investigations that led to either arrests or restitution and the Division’s successful implementation of a 12-hour shift pilot program for patrol officers.  Taxpayers received a significant cost savings in overtime expenses, as well as an increase in patrol coverage, as a result of the 12-hour shift pilot program.

“In 2012, the Hamilton Police Division will continue its efforts to protect and serve; and I ask that our residents continue to work with us so that we can keep improving public safety,” says Chief Collins.  “Their cooperation is an invaluable asset to our crime prevention and detection efforts.”