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3/1/2012 - Mayor Bencivengo Continues Fight for Property Tax Relief


Mayor Bencivengo Continues Fight for Property Tax Relief

in Battle to Return Energy Revenue to Hamilton Taxpayers


Help us help you get the property tax relief that you deserve.


Today, Hamilton Township should be receiving an additional $13.8 million in revenue from the State of New Jersey – revenue that belongs to Hamilton Township taxpayers for the purpose of property tax relief.  However, due to the skimming of revenue (Energy Receipts and CMPTRA) to fund the State Budget, this is not taking place.

This is a complex issue, which has not received as much attention as it deserves.  However, it significantly affects our taxpayers.  Because in 2012, even though our Hamilton Township budget is spending less for the 2nd consecutive year, the skimming of this revenue will result in a 2 cent tax increase ($30 a year for a residential home at the average assessment) for our residents.

However, if the State of New Jersey returned this money, we could be lowering property taxes.

Here is the issue in brief… 

Hamilton Township is home to PSE&G’s Mercer Generating Facility.  Years ago, towns like Hamilton collected revenue directly from these facilities, because they are not taxed in the same way that other businesses are. 

In the early 1980’s, utilities requested that the State Government become the collection agent for these funds.  It is similar to how our municipal government serves only as the collection agent for school, county and fire district taxes.  

Just because the township collects the payment, does not mean that the school dollars, county dollars or fire district dollars from your property tax bill are the township’s money!   The Township has to give the money – whatever it is – directly to those governments.  It would be like the Township calling it “Municipal Aid” when turning the money over to those separate governments

Unfortunately, State Government -- under both political parties  -- has failed to understand this principle -- that the Gross Energy Receipt Revenue and CMPTRA are not the State’s!  The revenue belongs to towns all across New Jersey.

Over the years, the energy revenue collected has increased, not decreased!  Yet the State of New Jersey has taken more and more of this revenue, while towns have received less! 


Between Fiscal Year 2005 and Fiscal Year 2011, the State’s skim of dedicated revenue has grown from over $72 million to almost $889 million!


This is revenue that should have been returned to towns – all across the state – to keep your property taxes down.


If State Government was providing the additional $889 million, directly to towns -- like they are supposed to – would be receiving an additional $13.8 million in revenue annually.

Towns all across the state should see this revenue returned now!

NOW, our Hamilton Township website will feature a special section on how you can help.  We are asking residents to call State Government leaders – of both political parties – to ask that they return this revenue.  CLICK HERE to visit this section. 

It will take support from all of our elected state officials – of both political parties – to not only end this practice, but to return this property tax relief directly to communities across our state.