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6/12/2012 - Road Repairs Continue Across Community


Road Repairs Continue Across Community

Since 2008, repairing roads in Hamilton has become the rule, not the exception.  And this year promises to be no different.


Building upon the 58 road and intersection repairs funded through the town’s capital budget during the past four years, as well as an additional 39 roads that Hamilton’s Road Division repaved portions of since 2010, Mayor John Bencivengo and the Township Council will continue to repair even more roads in 2012.


Hamilton Township is responsible for maintaining about 625 lane miles of local roads – no easy task.  But Hamilton Mayor John Bencivengo and the Township Council believe repairing local roads improves residents’ high quality of life.   


“I drive our roads every single day, just like all of our community’s residents; and our Township Council and I share our neighbors’ desire to repair as many roads, as quickly as we can, while remaining fiscally responsible with their hard-earn tax dollars,” explains Mayor Bencivengo.  “We will continue to work to improve our local road conditions this year, and beyond.”        


By investing over $4.7 million to repave 14 more roads this year through its capital road repair budget – which builds upon the $19.3 million invested in local road repairs since 2008 – the Mayor and Council will help repave local streets in neighborhoods all across the community.


The planned repairs include a substantial section of Whitehorse-Hamilton Square Road, between Kuser Road and Whitehorse Avenue (partly funded through a State grant), as well as other local roads in the Mercerville, Cedar Lawn, Whitehorse, Forrest Valley/White City, Lalor Tract, Hamilton Square, Liberty Terrace and North Crosswicks neighborhoods.  These roads are in the greatest need of repair, following annual inspections and road-quality ratings.         


Each year, Hamilton addresses some of the lowest rated roads in the community. The ratings run from 0 to 100 (a newly paved road).  Hamilton is currently addressing streets with ratings of less than “40.”

Also funded through Hamilton’s 2012 Capital Budget will be $250,000 of community drainage improvements, as well as $100,000 in ramp installations at various township intersections.   


Additionally, the spring and early summer months included some road and sanitary repairs funded through prior years’ budgets, but that could not be completed before the past winter.  These projects included road and sanitary repairs along Liberty Street and Atlantic Avenue in Greenwood Terrace/Bromley neighborhoods, as well as other repairs in the Cedar Lawn, Whitehorse, Lalor Tract, Hamilton Square and Mercerville neighorhoods.   


Hamilton also was recently the recipient of State grants for projects that include $200,000 for road repairs to a portion of Klockner Road that will start in 2013, and an additional $200000 State grant request for various sidewalk, intersection ramp, pedestrian crosswalk and safety improvements along a substantial section of South Broad Street – extending from Whitehorse to Yardville. 


Hamilton’s 2012 road repair efforts include repaving portions of 15 streets in the Bromley, Yardville, Olden Terrace, Homedel, Mercerville, Hamilton Square and Whitehorse neighborhoods, as well as the repaving of the intersection of Whitehorse-Hamilton Square Road and Estates Boulevard.  These specific projects differ from the Township’s Capital Road Repair program in that they focus upon smaller road areas that are in need of repair that can be completed cost-effectively with Township paving equipment. 


By visiting Hamilton’s Township website ( and clicking on “Services”, then “Transportation, Streets and Sidewalks” and finally “Road Repair Projects”, residents can see Hamilton’s complete list of all of this year’s road reconstruction projects and also monitor the progress of the repairs.