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7/24/2012 - Hamilton Chip Bag Recycling Initiative Information and Collection Locations


Hamilton Chip Bag Recycling Initiative Information and Collection Locations



Collection locations for Hamilton’s Chip Bag Recycling Initiative include:


·        Hamilton Township Municipal Building


·        Hamilton Township Public Library


·        Veterans Park  -  by the Tennis Courts; Demeo Field; North Side Pavilion and South Side Pavilion  


·        Sayen Gardens


·        Kuser Farm Park


·        Bromley Center


·        Switlik Park Pavilion


·        Shadybrook Park


·        Wilson Neighborhood Service Center


·        Various Businesses Around Township




It's in the Bag! Chip Bag Recycling Initiative Launches in Hamilton  


Frito-Lay, TerraCycle and Residents to Recycle at Least Ten Percent of Chip Bags Consumed


In participation with Frito-Lay and Trenton-based TerraCycle, Hamilton Township residents and businesses are taking a stand against the millions of snack bags that are dumped into landfills across the country each year. Hamilton is the nationwide pilot location for Frito-Lay's "Chip In for Change," a program aimed at reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfills.


TerraCycle is the world's leader in the collection of non-recyclable waste and currently collects .05 percent of Frito-Lay waste across the country through its Brigade, or collection, programs. While this keeps millions of chip bags out of local landfills each year, Frito-Lay and TerraCycle wanted to increase the amount collected to at least ten percent. Hamilton was chosen as the pilot location due to its proximity to TerraCycle and the fact it already has locations sending non-recyclable packaging to TerraCycle.  


To achieve ten percent collections during the length of the trial, which ends starts July 11 and October 31, Hamilton Township will need to collect 114,930 chip bags (38,310 per month). Collection sites will be set up in firehouses, police buildings, schools and other township buildings across the community so it will be easy for anyone to get involved. For every 50,000 chip bags collected, $250 will be donated to a local charity or non-profit such as the police or fire departments and library system. Hamilton residents who already participate in the Chip Bag Brigade with TerraCycle will continue to earn 2 points per bag for their charity.


"We set ten percent as our minimum goal although we think we can get to at least 30 percent of chip bags diverted from landfill," said Tom Szaky, TerraCycle's CEO. "Hamilton is the perfect partner for this Chip In for Change initiative with and we are really excited about this challenge."


If the township achieves the increased collection rate, Frito-Lay is hoping to replicate the program on a regional or national scale. Learn more about TerraCycle's free recycling programs or sign up today at