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9/19/2012 - 2012 Fall Leaf Recycling Program Information


2012 Fall Leaf Recycling Program Information


Once again, the Fall Leaf season is upon us.  By recycling leaves, we remove approximately 12,000 tons of leaves per year from the waste stream and avoid approximately 1.67 million dollars in disposal and pick up fees.  Recycling our leaves also provides us with the materials needed to make compost that we make available to our residents at no cost.

Hamilton Township is an environmentally conscious town.  Through our environmental leadership and smart growth initiatives, we attained Greentown, USA status, making us one of just a few municipalities in the state to attain that distinction.

For your convenience, Hamilton Township offers our residents four ways to dispose of leaves. 

If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact the Hamstat Call Center  at (609) 586-0311.


Option 1 - Bagged Leaf Collection

Beginning on October 22, 2012 through December 28, 2012 leaf collection crews will pick up bagged leaves.  Leaves may only be placed curbside in untied plastic bags or open rigid containers with handles (no recycling buckets).  The weight of the open bag or container cannot exceed 50 pounds.  Place leaves curbside on Monday and they will be picked up during that week.  Weather permitting, bags will be left at residence after being dumped.  You may also place your bagged leaves out for pickup during your scheduled gutter leaf collection. Once the leaf pick up program ends, please call the HamStat Call Center at 586-0311 for leaf pick up.


Option 2 - Gutter Leaf Collection

Due to Storm Water Management Regulations (NJAC 7:D), municipalities are required to follow strict guidelines for minimizing non-point source pollution.  These new regulations require that all non-containerized leaves be placed in the gutter no more than seven (7) days prior to the scheduled pick up and that leaves cannot be closer than ten feet (10) to a storm drain.  Due to these regulations, the Township has created a detailed gutter leaf pick up schedule. 

Non-containerized gutter leaves will be picked up from November 5, 2012 through December 28, 2012, in accordance with the following schedule.

NOTE: If you reside on a County Road, call (609) 530-7500 for scheduled pick up.

If you reside on a New Jersey State Highway, call (609) 588-6212 for scheduled pick up.


Click Here to View the Gutter Collection Schedule of Township Street - In Alphabetical Order.


After December 28, 2012, leaves can be placed in bags or containers only, then call 586-0311 for pick up. As always, leaves can also be dropped off at the Ecological Facility on Kuser Road.


Option 3 – Leaf Drop Off Locations

If you do not wish to wait for collection, you may drop off your leaves at one of the convenient locations listed in this ad, available from October 22 through December 14, 2012, or at Hamilton's Ecological Facility on Kuser Road. 

Click Here to View the Leaf Drop Off Locations


Option 4 – Ecological Facility

A final option is to bring leaves to Hamilton Ecological Facility on Kuser Road.  The Ecological Facility is open daily Monday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  

As a reminder, the facility is free of charge for residential dumping only.  However, commercial vehicles (including vehicles with trailers larger than 4’ x 8’ (2 cubic yards), will be charged for dumping.  If residents are unable to use a non-commercial vehicle, they should consider one of the different disposal options listed above.