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10/26/2012 - Hamilton Continues Preparations For Hurricane Sandy


Hamilton Continues Preparations For Hurricane Sandy

On Friday morning, Mayor John Bencivengo, Hamilton’s Acting Office of Emergency Management Coordinator Dave Carothers, members of Hamilton’s Emergency Management Committee and Township Administration, as well as Police, Fire, EMS and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital – Hamilton representatives met to continue preparations and precautionary measures in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy.

As of Friday morning, the latest weather forecasts call for rains to begin as early as Sunday evening, with severe weather from the pending Hurricane arriving early next week.  Severe weather from the Hurricane may continue through the middle of next week.  Residents are strongly advised to continue to monitoring weather forecasts and to begin considering any precautionary/preparedness measures to take.  

Hamilton’s entire Emergency Management Committee and local first responders are preparing for the likelihood of heavy rains, severe flooding, power outages caused by down power lines, heavy winds, down trees and debris, among other potential issues that this severe weather event may cause.

Already township employees have begun clearing leaves and debris from flood prone areas of the community (areas that were most severely impacted by last year’s Hurricane Irene) to help avoid the potential clogging of stormwater drains that could restrict drainage and contribute to higher flood levels.  After addressing these critical areas, township employees will begin to clear debris from other areas.  However, residents can help and are encouraged to clear leaves and debris away from stormwater drains near their homes or properties.

Township officials will be lowering the water level of Martin’s Lake in Veterans Park (which collects stormwater) to help mitigate flooding impacts as much as possible for streams flowing into the body of water.  Also, Hamilton’s Acting Office of Emergency Management Coordinator is preparing for contingencies that may involve the need to coordinate with other waterway management systems to help mitigate impacts to local streams and creeks as much as possible, given the potential for severe flooding across the area and region.  

Hamilton Township will be making precautionary recorded phone calls to residents on Saturday.  Should further messages be needed, especially in flood prone areas, additional recorded messages may follow into next week.      

To help provide residents with information, township officials will continue to place preparedness information and updates on the Township’s website (, Facebook account and E-mail Newsletters are preparing to frequently update online information.  Additionally, contingency plans to activate the HamStat Call Center for additional hours to help provide non-emergency information is being considered.  As always, in the event of an emergency situation, residents should call 9-1-1.

Hamilton’s Emergency Management Committee encourages residents to exercise extreme caution with the pending severe storm system and to continue following weather forecasts, news advisories and other precautionary/preparedness information.