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12/5/2012 - An open letter to residents from Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly A. Yaede


To the Residents of Hamilton Township



            It’s a new day and a new beginning in Hamilton Township.  It is time to heal our wounds and move forward from this unfortunate chapter in Hamilton’s history.  I am truly honored and humbled by the vote of confidence by Council to serve as your Mayor of Hamilton Township.  I am keenly aware of the responsibility I have in restoring the public’s trust in their government and provide leadership and stability to the people and employees of Hamilton. 


            I would first like to address the people of Hamilton Township.  Over the last several months you have all been unfairly subjected to a sense of embarrassment and distrust due to the personal actions of one individual.  For that, you are owed an apology.  Public service is a privilege and an honor bestowed by you, the voters, and elected officials must never lose sight of that principle.


            I also have a message for the employees of Hamilton Township.  Thank you for your dedication and service to the people of Hamilton.  Your assistance directly kept the township running smoothly during the last several uncertain months and for that you should be recognized and thanked.


            Six years ago the people of Hamilton first elected me to serve as their councilwoman.  I was honored by their support, particularly when they chose to re-elect me two more times to serve on Council.  I believe the people recognize that I take my responsibilities of office seriously, and that I have never done anything to betray their trust. 


            In my many years of public service I have always been guided by four key principles, principles that I believe are important for keeping public servants true to their public responsibilities.  First, the people must come first and politics must always be subordinate to the work of the people.  Second, an elected official must have courage, strength and fortitude to make the difficult decisions, not necessarily the popular ones.  Third, an elected official must always remember that public service is an honor and that the people are always the boss.  Fourth and finally, a public servant must always show sturdy, confident and steadfast leadership in times of uncertainty or crisis.  I have always done, and will always do my best to stay true to these principles.


             The people demand that I and the Council continue the positive work that has been done over the last several years… and we will do so. 


We will continue to ensure that Hamilton Township maintains a stable tax rate as we have done over the last several years when many other towns across America have experienced sizable tax increases and even bankruptcy. 


We will continue to ensure that Hamilton Township receives perfect independent audits of our finances and financial controls.


We will continue to bring economic development to Hamilton Township so that long vacant shopping centers will once again be revitalized and jobs will be created for residents of Hamilton.


We will continue to ensure that the infrastructure of the township, such as roads and sewers, is maintained and repaired.


And we will continue to take action in order to preserve the beauty of our community as exemplified by the adoption of our vacant property ordinance. 


Hamilton Township’s brightest days are ahead of us and we must continue to strive to make our community a place where the American Dream is still attainable. 


In closing, I would like to thank the Council and the people for providing me with this opportunity to serve as your Mayor.  I will work hard and dedicate myself to restoring faith in your government and I will never take for granted the trust you have put in me.  I look forward to facing the challenges that lie ahead.  Together we can put Hamilton Township in the headlines for the progress and successes we will achieve.  Thank you.



Kelly A. Yaede