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12/6/2012 - Mayor Yaede Reinstates Business Administrator John Ricci


Mayor Yaede Reinstates Business Administrator John Ricci

Today, John Ricci returned to the position of Business Administrator as John Barrett has returned to his full duties as Chief Financial Officer.     

“The prudent decision was to rescind the termination of John Ricci as Business Administrator due to his proven experience and dedication to Hamilton Township,” said Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly Yaede.  “John Ricci has provided steady and stable leadership of the municipal government’s day-to-day operations over the last several months of uncertainty.”

“At no time was John Ricci ever implicated in John Bencivengo’s personal legal issues.  Additionally, no valid reason was ever presented to the members of the Township Council to justify John Ricci’s dismissal, other than Council President Meara’s personal prerogative to do so,” explained Mayor Yaede.     

Recognition and praise of John Ricci’s experience and performance as Business Administrator has come not only from members of Hamilton Township Council and colleagues who have worked with him, but also from members of the opposing political party.

“With a long and distinguished career of professionalism that has won the praise of even those on the other side of the political aisle, John Ricci has helped our municipal government earn perfect, independent financial audits and meet among the highest levels of the State of New Jersey’s recommended best practices for local governments for three, consecutive years.  And during this period of stable taxes, John Ricci helped our municipal government achieve a strong and fiscally responsible capital budget to invest in needed road and sewer infrastructure improvements all across our community,”  stated Mayor Yaede.    

Recently, a prominent member of the Democratic Party – Phyllis Holly-Ward, City of Trenton Council President and Councilwoman-at-Large, wrote a letter to the editor which was critical of the dismissal of John Ricci:

I commend the Hamilton Township Council for taking swift and immediate action to stop the destabilization of its town, after witnessing the removal of the business administrator [John Ricci].  I am a living witness who can say that removing key personnel who have institutional knowledge without having a guarantee of a replacement who is just as good or better is a sure way to destroy any organization or town.  If someone needs a harsh look at what happens when the knowledge is gone, just think of removing the legs from a body and expecting it to still stand without support. If you need further clarification, just look at Trenton. The first and biggest mistake Mayor Tony Mack made coming into office was removing all the institutional knowledge. It was like setting off a nuclear bomb. It hit everything!    Times of Trenton Letters to the Editor - Nov. 29

Additionally, former Councilman Vincent Capodanno, was another prominent member of the Democratic Party who recently praised John Ricci at a November 20, 2012 meeting of the Hamilton Township Council.  At that meeting, Capodanno stated his opinion that John Ricci was “the best [he] had ever seen” referring to his performance as Business Administrator.

“Considering the fact that Hamilton Township is the middle of preparing for the 2013 municipal budget, losing John Ricci’s invaluable, institutional knowledge would be a true disservice to taxpayers,” concluded Mayor Yaede.  Along with John Barrett’s continued work to guard our finances, the taxpayers of Hamilton Township can expect continued fiscal responsibility and the safeguard of their hard-earned tax dollars with both John Ricci and John Barrett in key financial leadership positions in Hamilton Township’s municipal government.”