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12/21/2012 - Hamilton Continues Efforts to Clear Unprecedented Amounts of Storm Debris from Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath


Hamilton Continues Efforts to Clear Unprecedented Amounts of Storm Debris from Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath


“Unprecedented” -- the word that might best describe the amount of storm debris that Hamilton Township’s Department of Public Works has encountered following Hurricane Sandy…and is still encountering.


As Hamilton Township works to complete a second, community-wide collection cycle of tree limbs, brush and leaves from its 625 lane miles of roads by the end of this month, some residents may have wondered why such efforts have taken as long as they have.  The answer may be best explained by some interesting statistics.


From October 29th through November 30th – the first full month removed from Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the community – Hamilton Township crews alone collected 36,197 cubic yards of brush and leaves. 


To put that number in perspective, that is 88.3 percent higher than the highest month for brush and leaf collection over the past 3 year (when 19,220 cubic yards of brush and leaves were collected by the Township and commercial dumpers in November of 2010.)


Additionally, Township’s crews continued collecting brush and leaves throughout December, which officials believe will also result in above average collection amounts, once calculated.    


The extensive wood and brush debris following Hurricane Sandy forced Hamilton Township to ask the State Department of Environment Protection to approve two, separate storage capacity increases for wood and brush materials at the Township Ecological Facility – first a 30 percent (or 24,702 cubic yard) increase in November, followed by an additional 50,000 cubic yard increase request in December. 


“Like all of our residents, I want to see our streets clear of any remaining storm debris, tree limbs, brush and leaves by the holidays; and I have directed the Department of Public Works to make every effort to complete their second cycle of collections by Christmas,” said Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly A. Yaede.  “Our town’s dedicated Public Works crews have faced unprecedented levels of storm debris following Hurricane Sandy and have aggressively continued to clear our local roads as quickly as possible.”