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12/28/2012 - Hamilton Prepares for Possible Weekend Snow Storm


Hamilton Prepares for Possible Weekend Snow Storm

(Posted Friday, December 28th at 3:30 PM)



Although the latest weather forecasts are predicting only modest snow accumulations for Hamilton Township and surrounding areas, Hamilton Mayor Kelly A. Yaede is working to ensure that the community is prepared for the possible conditions residents may face this weekend.


On Friday, Hamilton Township conducted the pre-treatment of main/primary roads, bridge decks and hills with brine and will be closely monitoring bridges and overpasses, which are the first areas to freeze during winter storms, over the weekend.  Mayor Yaede and Township officials will also meet today to finalize storm preparation and response plans.


Current weather forecasts are calling for between 1 and 4 inches of snow on Saturday, which would not require the plowing of secondary (neighborhood) roads.  However, should snow accumulations exceed 4 inches, Hamilton Township will be ready to plow secondary (neighborhood) roads following the end of snowfall.


“Although current forecasts are predicting only light snowfall and modest accumulation, I would encourage residents to continue monitoring weather forecasts and to exercise extreme caution if they will be traveling on Saturday.  Hamilton Township will be prepared for whatever effects this winter storm may have on our community and will work to maintain the safety our families and fellow neighbors,” said Mayor Yaede.  “Residents can also take advantage of our Township website or social media sites, or sign up for our Township E-mail Newsletters, to stay informed of any major developments in relation to the inclement weather.”


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