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3/11/2013 - Hamilton Mayor Urges Residents’ Participation in Spring Neighborhood Watch Meetings


Hamilton Mayor Urges Residents’ Participation in Spring Neighborhood Watch Meetings

Promising in her February State of the Township Address to increase awareness of cooperative, public safety initiatives between residents and the Police,     Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly A. Yaede is urging residents to attend their local, Neighborhood Watch meeting this spring.

With this season’s first Neighborhood Watch meeting set to begin on Tuesday, March 12th, the Hamilton Township Police Division will hold a total of 16 crime watch meetings through May in neighborhoods all across the community.  A full listing is available through the Township website ( (or by Clicking Here).

In addition to listening to citizens’ concerns and discussing recent public safety issues, the Neighborhood Watch Program offers useful prevention tips that can help residents avoid falling victim to crime.  Some topics scheduled for this spring’s meeting include a discussion on the ways criminals use Facebook, actions residents can take to prevent crimes of opportunity and burglary prevention measures that residents should take before going on vacation. 

“The best time for residents to learn about crime prevention measures is before a crime occurs; and that is why it is so important, and beneficial, for residents to participate in our Neighborhood Crime Watch program.  Our dedicated Police Officers work every single day to keep our community safe, but they also rely on the cooperation of our law-abiding citizens – who are an invaluable partner in our township’s public safety efforts,” said Yaede, who also serves as the township’s Public Safety Director.  “I encourage residents to attend their local Crime Watch meeting this spring and help us maintain the safety of our families, neighbors and community.”    

Raising awareness of the Neighborhood Crime Watch Program follows many other, proactive, public safety measures that Mayor Yaede has taken so far this year.  Last week, Yaede swore in 9 new Hamilton Township Police Officers.  Additionally, the Mayor has been an active participant in Police COMSTAT meetings, which evaluates crime statistics and strategy, while even joining a Hamilton Police Officer during a patrol duty recently.

For more information about Hamilton Township’s Neighborhood Crime Watch Program, residents can contact program coordinator, Detective Steve Fabian, at (609) 581-4034.