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4/4/2013 - Hamilton Mayor Urges Residents to Download Updated FREE HamStat SmartPhone App


Hamilton Mayor Urges Residents to Download

Updated FREE HamStat SmartPhone App


 New Version of App is Faster, Provides Township News Feeds


As part of an effort to continuously improve service to residents, Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly A. Yaede is urging residents to download the new, updated version of the township’s “HamStat” mobile app for their smartphones.

Even residents who have previously downloaded the first version of the app will enjoy the updated version’s faster speed, as well as a convenient link to view mobile news feeds from Hamilton’s website – so residents can conveniently access news and information on the go. 

The HamStat application allows residents to conveniently submit requests for service right from their mobile phones, using GPS technology to automatically pinpoint the location of issues, and even allowing residents the ability to upload photos with their requests.  Residents can also track and monitor previously submitted requests.

“Our free HamStat mobile app is a simple and convenient way for residents to issue requests for service to their local government; and with the updated app’s faster speed and available mobile news feeds to keep residents informed, it is a great way to get information on the go,” explains Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly A. Yaede.  "I encourage residents to download the free smartphone app or install the updated version if they previously downloaded the earlier one."  

To download the FREE updated smartphone app, residents can type “HamStat” (with a capital “S”) into their smartphone’s app store search box.  An e-mail verification is required for new users.

Some predict that by this year, more people will access the internet from their mobile phone than from PC’s (personal computers).  So, the updated HamStat mobile app is a great way to say ‘ahead of the curve’ and enjoy a convenient way to request service from Hamilton Township.