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10/18/2013 - Hamilton’s Annual Leaf Recycling Program Begins


Hamilton’s Annual Leaf Recycling Program Begins

As leaves begin to fall this autumn, Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly A. Yaede is encouraging residents to participate in the township’s annual Leaf Recycling Program.  Click Here to read an overview of the program.

Beginning on Monday, October 21st, residents can place open bags / containers of leaves for pick-up on Mondays and their leaves will be picked up during that week.

And starting on November 4th, curbside collection will begin and continue until each neighborhood receives one curbside collection of gutter leaves through the end of December. A schedule for when each street will receive its one curbside collection for gutter leaves is available on Hamilton Township’s website: (Under the “News” section on the homepage or CLICK HERE).   

“I encourage our residents to learn about the different leaf recycling collection alternatives available to them so that our community can properly recycle, protect our water resources, and save taxpayer dollars by removing leaves from our waste stream,” says Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly A. Yaede.

Last year, the annual program helped remove approximately 12,000 tons of leaves from local stream water and helped taxpayers avoid an estimate $1.67 million in disposal and pick up fees.

ü Option 1 – Open Bag / Container Leaf Collection


Even though Hamilton’s size (40 square miles and over 625 lane miles of local roads) limits the curbside collection of gutter leaves to one collection each fall, Hamilton’s Open Bag / Container Collection Option is available throughout the season.


To participate, residents must place leaves in either open or un-tied bags or in open rigid containers with handles on the curbside of their property for pick-up on Mondays and their leaves will be picked up during that week.  Containers must not weigh more than 50 lbs.  Residents are also asked to not place leaves in cardboard boxes or cardboard containers, as the cardboard cannot be recycled as part of this collection, and not to place leaves in their regular recycling (yellow or green) buckets.  Also, do not tie or close the top of containers, as this may result in missed collection.


ü Option 2 - Gutter Leaf Collection

Every Hamilton neighborhood is offered one curbside gutter leaf collection.  A full listing of the schedule is available on the Township website.  Residents must have gutter leaves prepared for pick up no later than 7:30 a.m. on the starting date provided for their neighborhood.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: State Storm Water Management Regulations that all towns and residents must follow requires that leaves may not be placed near the gutter more than seven (7) days in advance of the scheduled pick up.

Also, please note that for residents who reside on a County road, Mercer County Government sets the pick-up schedule and procedures for these streets.  For all inquiries, please call the Mercer County Highway Department at 609.530.7510.

Residents residing on a N.J. State Highway, please contact 609.588.6212 for further information.


ü Option 3 – Leaf Drop Off Locations


Also beginning on Monday, October 21st, residents can bring leaves to one of the many leaf drop off locations around the community through fall season.  A full listing of locations is available on the Township website.


Leaves must be emptied from bags.  Debris and/or branches may not be left.  Violators will be prosecuted under the Township’s illegal dumping ordinance #73-2.  Contractors are prohibited from dumping leaves in these locations.

ü Option 4 – Ecological Facility

A final option for residents to recycle leaves is to bring them to the Township’s Ecological Facility, which is open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  As a reminder, the facility is free of charge for residential dumping only.  However, commercial vehicles (including vehicles with trailers larger than 4’x 8’ (2 cubic yards), will be charged for dumping.  If residents are unable to use a non-commercial vehicle, they should consider one of the different disposal options listed above.