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10/21/2013 - Hamilton’s ‘Best Practices’ Qualifies Township For Full 100% of State Aid for 4th Consecutive Year


Hamilton’s ‘Best Practices’ Qualifies Township For

Full 100% of State Aid for 4th Consecutive Year

For a fourth, consecutive year, Hamilton Township’s use of State of New Jersey recommended ‘best practices’ for local governments will allow Hamilton to be eligible for a full 100% of its possible State Aid. 


Recently, Hamilton Township submitted its completed ‘Local Government Best Practices” checklist to the State of New Jersey’s Division of Local Government Services.  The checklist include 50 standards, 12 of which are new standards this year, that the Division of Local Government Services considers to be among the best practices in terms of general management, financial management and other local government service areas. 


Scores on the checklist range from 0-50 with towns’ scores placing them into levels that determine the percentage of State Aid that they will be eligible to receive.  Based upon their scores, towns may receive anywhere from 95% to 100% of their final State Aid payout.


Hamilton currently uses 45 of these best practices.  This places Hamilton in the highest category possible in terms of its possible “percentage of Final State Aid payout” (a full 100% of State Aid payout)

Of particular note were Hamilton’s perfect scores in the areas of “Budget Preparation and Presentation” and “Disaster Preparedness/Resiliency”.


“For a fourth consecutive year, Hamilton Township has met the highest level of state recommended best practices thanks to our financial policies and managerial procedures,” says Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly A. Yaede.  “When combined with the fact that we have reduced spending to achieve no township tax increase, I believe it continues to represent our dedication to our hardworking taxpayers and efforts to be good stewards of their hard-earn tax dollars.”          


“In addition to our increased assessment by Standard and Poor’s rating services earlier this year, as well as a recent expanded financial audit that resulted in a another positive achievement of no recommendations for corrective action, I believe this is another strong indication of the Yaede administration’s efforts to provide the taxpayers with the highest level of good, and sound, financial management,” says Hamilton Business Administrator John Ricci.