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11/1/2013 - Hamilton Mayor Promotes SHOP HAMILTON Program


Hamilton Mayor Promotes SHOP HAMILTON Program


Why travel when Hamilton residents can find the products and services they want, locally?  Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly A. Yaede agrees.

That is why Hamilton’s Mayor is helping to promote a new SHOP HAMILTON marketing program that was spearheaded by Biz33, as a sub-group of the Hamilton Partnership – a partnership between local businesses and the Township Government to promote economic opportunities in Hamilton. 

The new program looks to promote local business all across Hamilton and seeks to highlight the economic benefits that the community can reap when residents shop local.  And with the support of the 44 township businesses that are part of Biz33 and the program’s new website, , Mayor Yaede and Biz 33 hope to do just that.

“Even though Hamilton already enjoys a vibrant local economy, by promoting what our residents can find right here in our community, we can continue to support our hometown small businesses, increase local commerce and expand economic opportunities that can benefit our hardworking families,” explains Mayor Kelly A. Yaede. “I am asking residents to join me, Biz 33, the Hamilton Partnership and all of our local business as we ‘Shop Hamilton’ together.”  

“The ‘Shop Hamilton’ effort is a great way that we can promote all of our local, small businesses in Hamilton and help keep more of our money in our community, to benefit our local economy and our residents,” says Michael Dill, Chairperson of Biz 33 and an owner of a local business, Michal Dill Photography.  “I think that the ‘Shop Hamilton’ program can benefit our entire township and hope that the whole community will get behind and support this effort.” 

Studies and information about shop local efforts, such as the SHOP HAMILTON program, point to a number of benefits that local communities can enjoy, including: 

  • The creation of jobs, because local businesses are best at creating jobs for our residents.


  • Nurturing the community, since locals businesses, through their generosity, donate to and support many of our local causes and community fundraisers.


  • Helping the environment, because when residents shop local, they use less fuel, thereby improving our environmental sustainability.


  • Investing in Hamilton Township, as local businesses are usually owned by individuals who live in and support our community.


  • Enjoying better service, because local businesses have trained employees who have a better understanding of their products or services.


  • Ensuring Hamilton’s Success, because for every $100 spent at a local-owned business, $68 stays in the local economy, compared to only $43 spent at a national chain.


  • Promoting Entrepreneurship, because entrepreneurship fuels America’s economic innovation and prosperity, which in turn helps to increase wages.


“This effort is just another way that we continue our work to support the small business of our community and local economic opportunities in Hamilton,” says Mayor Kelly A. Yaede.

In addition to working cooperatively with Biz33 and the Hamilton Partnership, Yaede points to efforts that have sought to help improve the economic environment for local business, which include removing duplicative bonding requirements for certain types of businesses, her open-door policy for all business leaders, the inclusive process of Hamilton’s Master Plan Update that focused on updating zoning requirements and the continued efforts to streamline the inspections process for new and expanding local businesses.

Yaede believes that these efforts have been beneficial to Hamilton’s economy, illustrated by a 35 percent increase in construction over the first nine months of the year, the opening of some 36 new business over the past year, as well as plans for two, new hotels along Hamilton’s US Highway 130 corridor.