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1/2/2014 - Weather Update from Mayor Kelly Yaede (Thursday, January 2nd at 4:30 PM)

Weather Update from Mayor Kelly Yaede: 

“As we continue to monitor and prepare for the upcoming winter weather event, I would like to take this opportunity thank our residents and followers on Facebook and Twitter for reading the information that we have posted.  We will continue to provide updates as the winter storm system progresses.” 
Kelly Yaede, Mayor

As of late this afternoon (Thursday, January 2nd), the latest weather forecasts are calling for flurry activity that will be followed by increasing snowfall that will continue through late Friday morning (January 3rd).  Forecasts continue to predict a total snow accumulation of between 5 inches and 7 inches.

Forecasts predict that the heaviest snowfall amounts should occur approximately between 10 PM and 6 AM, with winds increasing to 15 mph to 20 mph during this period.  Wind gusts may near 30 mph by early Friday morning (approximately 4 AM) and then slowly weaken throughout Friday afternoon and evening to between 10 mph to 13 mph.
Township crews have continued to pre-treat township roads with brines and prepare vehicles for plowing and salting operations that will take place once precipitation begins this evening.

While no notices relating to possible delayed openings or closures have been made for Hamilton Township Municipal Government buildings or garbage collection, any updates will be posted as soon as possible.  As a courtesy to residents, the Municipal Government will also include information provided by the Public School District, a separate government, once advised.
Residents who view the Hamilton Township website ( will notice that the Snow Plow Sal feature icon along the homepage’s right-side bar and ready for the likelihood of plowing operations. 

Mayor Yaede and Hamilton Township will continue to closely monitor this event and update our Township website and social media as necessary.  Residents may wish to read additional information posted earlier today, as well as information from PSE&G, the NJ Office of Emergency Management and the National Weather Service, which has been shared by Hamilton Township.
Please continue to exercise caution if traveling; and monitor weather forecasts throughout the evening.