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1/3/2014 - Weather Update from Mayor Kelly Yaede (Friday, January 3rd at 8:30 AM)

Weather Update from Mayor Kelly Yaede (Friday, January 3rd at 8:30 AM): 
“With our Municipal Government offices closed, along with public schools, county offices and state offices, if residents can avoid travel, it is advisable. 

Our Township crews have worked continuously, overnight and into this morning, in order to continue clearing our primary or main township roads.  This was necessary to keep these roads passable.  Our dedicated crews deserve our gratitude for their efforts.

We anticipate the ability to begin plowing our secondary or neighborhood roads around noontime today, to help make our neighborhood roads passable.  Temperatures are expected to remain well below freezing throughout the day, which means that salting will not help to melt packed snow.  Therefore, residents will not see blacktop on these secondary or neighborhood roads until temperatures rise.

Although the storm’s precipitation is nearing its end, snow accumulations have made conditions treacherous for travel.  The conditions are extending the amount of time that it will take to plow our roads.  I thank residents for their patience and their cooperation in remaining off our local roads if possible.  Please continue to exercise caution.” 

Kelly Yaede, Mayor