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1/3/2014 - Weather Update from Mayor Kelly Yaede (Friday, January 3rd at 7:30 PM)

Weather Update from Mayor Kelly Yaede (Friday, January 3rd at 7:30 PM):
“Since noon, Township crews have been plowing secondary roads, which will continue throughout the night.  As a community that is nearly 40 square miles and encompassing approximately 625 lane miles of roads, plowing after significant snowfall accumulations is no easy task and requires time to reach every neighborhood road.  And like all residents, I desire to see this occur as quickly as it can and while ensuring that our Township crews remain safe in the process.  This storm required our Township crews to continue plowing our community’s primary network of roads overnight and into the late morning, before crews could enter our neighborhood roads.  And during the few hours that Township crews have plowed exclusively in our neighborhood roads, they have been expeditious in their progress through our various plowing zones.  It is important to note that Township crews rotate the order in which zones (or neighborhoods) are plowed from storm to storm in an effort to be fair to all areas of our community.  That means although plows may have not yet reached your own road by the time of this update, it is not indicative of crews’ overall progress at completing plowing efforts for the entire community.    

We are still experiencing a technical issue with the Snow Plow Sal application function that provides estimated times for reaching specific addresses; however residents can still view the location of township crews during plowing operations.

Garbage collection will take place tomorrow (Saturday) for residents who normally receive collection on Saturdays. 

As plowing progress continues through our neighborhood roads, updates will continue to be provided on our Township website and social media sites.

Thanks again to our dedicated plowing crews and our resident’s for their patience.  Please continue to exercise caution in your travels throughout the evening.” 

Kelly Yaede, Mayor