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1/21/2014 - Winter Storm Update (Tuesday Evening)

Winter Storm Update (Tuesday Evening)

The Latest weather updates are forecasting snow accumulations to reach between 10 and 14 inches in total for our area, with snow becoming lighter by midnight and ending between 3 AM - 4 AM on Wednesday morning. Winds tonight are expected to be between 15 mph to 25 mph, with gusts of wind between 30 mph to 35 mph. Winds will remain gusty into Wednesday morning.

Township crews continue to plow and clear primary or main township roadways, which are the main network of roads that are utilized by the entire community, as well as emergency management personnel.

These primary roads (approximately 200 lane miles of roadways) must and will continue to be treated until precipitation ends /  approximately midnight. 

A list of primary roads is available at http:...//

As a proactive, safety procedure employed during storm events, specifically for emergency situations that may arise during this severe winter storm, ambulances have been staged across the community in various fire stations (with fire vehicles that include plows).

As posted earlier in this morning's winter update, it is anticipated that the first areas of secondary or neighborhood roads will not begin to be plowed until midnight (Tuesday PM / Wednesday AM) and are likely to continue through Friday. Under normal snowfalls, it can take up to 36 hours from the time the plowing of secondary roads begins to complete plowing operations – however, this storm is expected to take longer due to the significant amount of snow. Approximately 425 lanes miles of Hamilton’s 625 lane miles of local roads are secondary roads.

The anticipated schedule for secondary roads zones will be D and E (first), F (second), G (third) and H (fourth) conducted by Township crews and zones A, B, C by contractors, which will begin at the same time. Supervisors will also be inspecting to ensure that the plowing of roads has been completed. This schedule may be subject to change due to emergencies that may arise.

Additionally, salt will be applied following plowing (this is in addition to the salting of primary roads that has already taken place this morning).

For more information, please refer to this morning's winter update...