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1/30/2014 - Travel and Water Service Advisory Notice (Thursday Morning, January 30th):

Travel and Water Service Advisory Notice (Thursday Morning, January 30th):

With the extreme cold temperatures, several water main breakages have occurred across the community, specifically in the areas serviced by Trenton Water Works.  Township officials have reported all issues to Trenton Water for them to make all necessary emergency repairs.  Additionally, Township crews have responded to these areas to apply salt to address dangerous or hazardous icing conditions.  These issues have affected several areas, including portions of Edinburg Road (along  Hoover Avenue, Lansing Avenue, Wilson Avenue, Marshall Avenue, Baker Avenue, Burleson Avenue.) and Newkirk Avenue.

Township officials are reminding residents that at the time of this notice, there have been NO reported health issues affecting water service (i.e. NO boil water notices, etc.).  Should any further notice be required, the Township website and social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) will be updated.