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1/30/2014 - Crime Down 5 Percent in Hamilton in 2013

Crime Down 5 Percent in Hamilton in 2013

State Police Uniform Crime Report Shows 2013 Reductions in Burglaries, Robberies, Larceny, Rape and Motor Vehicle Theft  

Hamilton Township’s proactive efforts to improve public safety were a success in 2013, as police data shows a 5 percent drop in overall crime index during the past year.

Overall burglaries dropped 8.4%, robberies dropped 20.4%, larceny dropped 5.5%, rapes dropped 20% and motor vehicle thefts dropped slightly by 0.8%. 

On a monthly basis, the Hamilton Township Police Division must submit this data to the New Jersey State Police for its annual Uniform Crime Report.

Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede, who also serves as the Township’s Director of Public Safety, credits the dedicated efforts of the Hamilton Township Police Division, as well as several proactive measures taken during the past year to improve public safety.  The proactive measures include:

  • Hiring 16 new police officers in 2013 to maintain Hamilton’s police force

  • Monthly COMSTAT meetings between Mayor Yaede and the Hamilton’s Police Division to review current data and discuss tactical strategies; and

  • The creation of a virtual neighborhood watch website to help promote ways residents can avoid falling victim to crimes

“Public safety continues to be a top priority for our Township government; and I want to commend our dedicated Hamilton Township Police Division for its tireless efforts to protect our community,” says Mayor Yaede.  “While our work to keep our community safe is never complete, these positive statistics prove that our collective efforts are achieving positive results to protect our families, neighbors and fellow residents.”

Illustrating the need for continued focus on public safety despite the recent reduction in crime, Mayor Yaede used an opportunity last week to ask President Barack Obama for assistance and guidance on best practices from federal officials in improving proactive public safety efforts during a late-week meeting of the US Conference of Mayors in Washington, D.C.  

“Our work is never done when it comes to public safety,” says Mayor Yaede.  “And in 2014, our proactive efforts will continue to keep our families and residents safe and maintain our community’s high quality of life.”