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2/5/2014 - Hamilton Township’s Operational Responses to this Current Storm

Hamilton Township’s Operational Responses to this Current Storm

During a severe winter event, Hamilton Township conducts numerous efforts, following a coordinated operational response list of priorities, to keep residents safe. 

1. Salting Primary Roads and Hazardous Areas Reported to/by Police – Similar to snow events, during icing events, Township crews must continually monitor primary roadways, which are the main network of roads that connect our entire community, are used by all residents and must be kept open for emergency personnel. That is why these roads are continuously addressed.

2. Addressing Fallen Tree Limbs and Downed Power Lines issues with PSE&G – Township crews must work with PSE&G crews in instances where energized power lines entangle with downed or fallen trees/tree limbs.   Hamilton Township has crews with chain saws, a loader with claws attachments and container trucks for the debris.

During this current event, there have been several instances of downed or fallen trees, which continue to grow.  This is a time-consuming effort during winter events like this.

3. Prevent Flooding (Specifically in Flood-Prone Areas) by Clearing Stormwater Drain Inlets – Hamilton Township sends crews, specifically in flood-prone areas of our community, to review and clear severely blocked inlets.  Also, Township crews will address flooded areas, as reported by the Police.

4. Barricading Hazardous or Impassable Roadways – Hamilton Township’s Barricade crew will block off roads with hazards that would create impassable conditions for motorists  

5. Investigating and, If Necessary, Addressing Secondary Roads – Township crews will monitor secondary roads and utilize straight blade plows to assist in clearing slush, attempting to avoid impacting residents’ driveways, for secondary roads that require additional efforts .  However, it is important to note that the above listed priorities must be first addressed in the interest of public safety; and due to the several reported instances being responded to, will only be conducted where conditions warrant.

Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly Yaede and Hamilton Township officials will continue to monitor and respond to all aspects of the current storm event.  We thank residents for their patience, cooperation and continued exercise of caution.