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2/5/2014 - Hamilton Twp. Resource Center Available


Hamilton Twp. Resource Center Protocol


Extreme Conditions – Power Outage

Cold Temps

We urge residents to seek shelter with a friend or family member.

However, is that is not possible, please see the information below:


Location:  Colonial Fire Department (back entrance) 

        801 Kuser Road  Hamilton  08610

Hours of operation:  24 hrs. / 7 days per week

Rules & Regulations:

  1. Self-transportation;
  2. No overnight sheltering;
  3. No food supplied;
  4. Available electricity for recharging devices
  5. Warming/Cooling for extreme Temps.
  6. Maximum stay of 6 hours;
  7. Hamilton Twp. Residents only.
  8. Light snacks & water only permitted.

Any questions, please contact Hamilton P.D. (609-581.4000)