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2/11/2014 - Yaede Touts Economic Progress, Targets Costs to Residents During State of Township


Yaede Touts Economic Progress, Targets

Costs to Residents During State of Township


Delivering Hamilton’s first State of the Township Address by its first elected female Mayor, Kelly Yaede touted the community’s economic progress and targeted various cost drivers to residents in a speech before the MidJersey Chamber of Commerce today.

“I’m proud to announce that the State of Hamilton Township is strong and heading in the right direction,” said Yaede to the business leaders gathered at the chamber’s luncheon at the Stone Terrace in Hamilton.  “Our great town…we must continue to protect it and to preserve it, for one day, our future generations will inherit it.”

Highlighting incoming businesses like Dynamic Marketing, a cooperative purchaser of electronics and appliances that will be moving from Brooklyn, NY into a 400,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Hamilton, Salvona Technologies, a cosmetic manufacturer that helps make brand-name products like Clinque and will be moving its headquarters to the township from Dayton, NJ, as well as two planned hotels along the community’s Route 130 corridor, Yaede expressed optimism for the new year in the area of economic development.

“The results illustrate why Hamilton Township remains an important leader in our county, regional and state economies,” touted Yaede.

During her speech, Yaede announced plans for an expansion of the Township’s online permitting system, a new Facebook page and Twitter handle for Hamilton’s Police Division and highlighted a new addition to the community’s animal shelter by inviting a special guest  -- an adoptable dog, Duke.

“We can no longer tolerate an Animal Shelter that can no longer offer the capacity that is required,” explained the Mayor.  This year we will begin a desperately-needed expansion at our Animal Shelter so pets like Duke can continue to receive humane treatment at our facility.”

Additionally, Yaede took aim at factors she believes costs taxpayers more of their hard-earn dollars by targeting State Government to restore gross energy receipts to offset residents’ property taxes, force public utilities like Trenton Water Works to undergo scrutiny by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, and entice more competition into cable television marketplace by threatening to boot cable providers from towns in which they refuse to offer services community-wide.

Yaede also announced her intention to help reduce energy costs for residents and businesses through community-wide energy aggregation, in which the entire township would use bulk-purchasing to achieve lower energy bills for ratepayers. Already, the Township Government save approximately 12 percent, or $180,000 annually, in energy costs by bulk-purchasing energy through a third-party energy provider.

“This initiative will save money for our residents, save money for our local businesses, and benefit the future prosperity of Hamilton Township,” explained Yaede.          

Finally, Yaede, calling on the community to avoid the pitfalls of shortchanging the investments that must be made for future generations, reaffirmed her optimism in the town’s future.

“…as your Mayor, I’m eager to begin our strides forward, toward a better and brighter tomorrow, today,” said Yaede. “…I remain confident that it will be a rewarding, exciting and successful journey forward, in the right direction.”

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