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2/13/2014 - Plowing Update (Thursday Afternoon, February 13th)


Plowing Update (Thursday Afternoon, February 13th):

Township crews are continuing to finish the plowing of primary Township roads at this time.

Secondary Plowing Operations:

While realizing forecasts are calling for the likelihood of additional snow overnight (approximately midnight Thursday until Friday morning at 6AM) in amounts of between 2 inches to 4 inches, Hamilton Township will begin plowing secondary roads with contractor crews, at approximately 3 PM this afternoon (Thursday) and be continuing overnight. 

This effort is specifically to help clear as much snow accumulation off of as many secondary roads as possible before the onset of additional snow, especially consider the high accumulations of heavier (wet) snow.  However, all residents should understand that secondary roads plowed before the onset of additional snow will not be re-plowed until after all secondary roads have been plowed at least once.

Crews will be beginning in various sub-zones in Zones A, B, C and E (A 5 down to A1, B 5 down to B 1, B 6 up to B 11, C 7-down to C 1, and in E 1 up.  

Township crews will be beginning in Zone G, and continuing through the order of Zones F, D, E, and H.  Additionally, residents should note that once crews finish other areas/zones, more plows can be deployed to the remaining zones.

As a reminder:

Remove Automobile from Streets (Curbsides) onto Driveways/Properties:  Mayor Kelly Yaede and Township officials are urging residents to move their vehicles into their driveways or onto their properties this evening.  Doing so significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of plowing operations.  It also allows plows to clear more of your roadway, which leaves less remaining snow when plows are forced to “go around” parked cars.  Please, remove all vehicles from the road.

How You Can Avoid Driveways from Being “Plowed In” After Plowing:  Plowing as close to the curbsides as possible not only allows for more of your street to be cleared, but also lessens the amount of snow residents may need to eventually shovel through.  For those who choose to travel before their street has been plowed, residents can avoid being “plowed back in” by removing the snow that has accumulated on the right-side of your driveway along the curb (from the perspective of facing your home).  See the attached diagram for guidance.

If You Do Not Need to Travel, Please Do Not!:  When emergency management personnel and plows are required to respond to vehicles that become “stuck” in roadways, it not only creates a safety issue, but also slows down plowing efforts for all residents.  If you do not need to travel, please do not.