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1/18/2010 - Hamilton to Save $240,000 on Energy Costs Over Next 10 Years by Reusing Waste Oil
Hamilton to Save $240,000 on Energy Costs Over Next 10 Years by Reusing Waste Oil 


17,000 gallons…that is how much waste oil Hamilton Township produces and collects each year through its Department of Public Work’s Garage and the Township’s Ecological Facility.  But now, instead of disposing of the used oil, Hamilton is looking to put it to good use and save $240,000 over the next 10 years. 

Hamilton Township Mayor John Bencivengo has announced plans to purchase 2 new oil heaters that are fueled by used oil.  The purchase will be considered at Tuesday evening’s Township Council meeting.  The heaters, which meet federal Environmental Protection Agency regulations, recycle oil in an environmentally safe manner while reducing heating bills. 
The Township plans to reuse wasted oil from Township vehicles (such as used oil from oil changes) to heat the Department of Public Work’s Garage during winter months.  Currently, it costs the Township approximately $26,000 to heat the Public Work’s Garage each year.  However, in less than 18 months, the new heaters will pay for themselves.  And over the course of their 10-year warranty product-life, the heaters will save the Township over $240,000.  


“These are the kinds of cost saving measures that we are continually working to identify and achieve in order to keep taxes stable for the taxpayers of Hamilton Township,” explains Hamilton Township Mayor John Bencivengo.  “In the process, we are reusing a waste product that we would normally need to dispose of. Therefore, this initiative will make us a more sustainable, energy efficient and cost-effective government.”