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2/28/2014 - Yaede Calls for State Constitutional Amendment to Return Energy Receipts to Offset Property Taxes

Yaede Calls for State Constitutional Amendment to

Return Energy Receipts to Offset Property Taxes

If you can’t beat ‘em…bypass them.

That is what Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly Yaede is proposing regarding her continuing fight to end State Government’s “skim” of energy receipts, which should be returned to taxpayers’ municipal budgets to directly offset property taxes.

Last session of the New Jersey State Legislature, a bill intending to increase Energy Tax Receipt distributions to property taxpayer’s municipal budgets over five years to restore prior Energy Tax and CMPTRA (Consolidated Municipal Property Tax Relief Act) reductions was approved by both house of the State Legislature, before being vetoed by the Governor.  Another bill, to require Energy Tax receipts to be paid directly to municipalities was overwhelming approved by the State General Assembly.

Yaede is proposing matching Senate and Assembly concurrent resolutions for a State Constitutional amendment that would require bringing the measure back to the voters of New Jersey.

“Since at least two bills have received overwhelming, bipartisan support in the State Legislature last session, it would seem that there is no reason why matching concurrent resolutions to accomplish the same goals would not garner the same level of support.  In that case, if State Government will not end its ‘skim’ of this revenue, which was always intended to directly offset property taxes through taxpayers’ municipal budgets, maybe it is time for the people to end this State Government practice.  Because if faced with the decision of either allowing the State Government to continuing skimming upwards of $404 million a year to plug holes in the State Budget for more State spending versus returning their hard-earned money to directly offset their municipal property taxes, I believe the public’s voice will be resounding,” says Mayor Yaede.