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3/20/2014 - Hamilton Police Expand Outreach through Social Media, Revamped Website


Hamilton Police Expand Outreach through Social Media, Revamped Website

Building further upon a five percent reduction in crime over the past year, Hamilton Mayor Kelly Yaede and the Township’s Police Division are continuing their proactive efforts when it comes to increasing public safety.

With a growing number of residents turning toward social media and the internet for information and updates, Mayor Yaede’s call for increased communication with Hamiltonians via social media has culminated with the Hamilton Township’s Police Division launch of an official Facebook account and Twitter handle, along with a revamped Police Division webpage.

Part of a comprehensive approach to enhance outreach to and communication with residents, the effort will provide Hamiltonians with important police updates and public safety notices. 

Crime watch meeting schedules, information on police programs and services, as well as valuable anti-crime tips are just some of what residents can expect to find on the Police Division’s social media sites and revamped website.

The Police Division website’s new, user-friendly design will include both new and enhanced features, such as:

  • Police News Feeds and Alerts, including Missing Persons alerts and severe weather notices

  • Confidential Online Tip Feature

  • Links to the FBI and New Jersey’s Most Wanted Lists

  • Online Ticket Payment Feature

  • Link to Report Street Light Outages

  • Signup Link for Hamilton’s Emergency Notification System

  • Direct links to the Police Division’s Facebook page and Twitter handle


    “With studies showing that 87 percent of American adults use the internet, along with growing use of social media through Facebook and Twitter, we are making a concerted, proactive effort to reach Hamiltonians through these outlets to better share information that can help increase public safety,” explains Mayor Kelly Yaede, who also serves as Hamilton’s Public Safety Director.  “By sharing information and tips that can help prevent residents from falling victim to crime, we can continue the positive trends we witnessed in 2013 which led to a five percent reduction in overall crime.”

    Links to the official Hamilton Police Division Facebook account and Twitter handle ( @Hamilton_Police ) will be accessible though the  Police Division webpage,

    In order to prevent investigations from inadvertently being jeopardized, the Police Division’s Facebook account will only provide information through posts and not accept public posts or messages.  Residents are encouraged to use the existing Crime Tips Hotline at 609-581-4008 to share any valuable information they may have, which can be done anonymously.  As a reminder, in an emergency situation, residents should always call 9-1-1.   

    “Social media is a great way to provide police information in a timely manner; and Mayor Yaede’s increased emphasis on communicating important public safety information through social media and the internet will benefit our Police Division’s efforts to protect and serve the residents of Hamilton Township,” says James W. Collins, Chief of Police.