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2/4/2010 - Snow Information and Snow Plow Tracking On Township Website

As Hamilton Prepares for Snow, Residents Can Get Ready to Use New Snow Plow Tracking On Township Website


With as much as a foot of snow predicted to impact the central Jersey area this weekend, Hamilton Township officials are preparing for their pre and post-storm response efforts.  And as they do, Hamilton Township Mayor John Bencivengo is reminding residents that they can track the snow plowing efforts online on the Township’s website to find out when their street will be plowed.

By going to, resident can simply click on the link that says “Winter Snow Plowing Information” and follow these simple instructions:


1)   Once navigating to the “Winter Snow Plowing Information” webpage, type in your street address including street number in the bar that says “Enter Your Street Address” on the right side of the screen.  NOTE: You will notice that your address will automatically prompt as you type.

2)   Once your street address appears, selected your address and click on the green “Go” button.

3)    A graphical display will appear with a pin on your address.  Listed above the pin will be your street address, the zone that your home is located in, and an estimated plow time of when your street will be plowed.


“As we brace for a predicted high accumulation of snow, this new feature should greatly assist residents.  When we receive high amounts of snow, I know how frustrating it is for residents who already have dug out their own driveway, and then a plow comes through and piles up the snow in front of their driveway again.  With this new feature, residents can better plan around this type of situation. It will also provide for greater transparency on our efforts to clear our Township’s 600 miles of road lane miles,” says Mayor Bencivengo.      


In addition, residents can use the options on the left side of this webpage, which will allow them to see a graphical display of their entire snow plowing zone, tracking each of the township’s plowing groups, and the plowing order of township streets.

And by this weekend, the Township anticipates having this information accessible through a brand new icon entitled “Snow Plow Sal.”  The new icon will be placed on the homepage of the Township website, along with the existing “Pot Hole Pete” and “Traffic Alert Tina.”

As of Thursday afternoon, Township officials say weather reports are predicting 10-12 inches of snow for Hamilton, and that as much as 1-2 feet of snow in South Jersey.  However, if the storms course changes, Hamilton could receive heavier accumulations of snow.

Mayor Bencivengo reports that Township officials have applied brine to Township roads today, in preparation for snowfall that could start in the early afternoon on Friday.  The brine will help the Township to prepare as best it can to prevent freezing conditions.

The Township is also asking residents to remove automobiles from the roads prior to snowfall.

“Removing automobiles from the road helps Township plow crews to clear the roads faster, and better, curb-to-curb,” says Mayor Bencivengo.  “Residents will benefit from improved conditions for their roads.”  

Mayor Bencivengo also explained how the changing conditions can sometimes play havoc with the Township’s pre and post-storm efforts, despite their preparation and best efforts.    

“Sometimes ‘Mother Nature’ determines how quickly we will see the road pavements following snowfall.  While we will try to prepare as much as possible for this event, the frustrating part for us at the Township is when the snow ‘packs’ on road surfaces.  When this occurs, the ‘packed’ areas will stay on the ground until temperatures rise and melts the snow/ice packing.  However, we have prepared as best we can and work diligently to plow our roads following the snowfall,” explains Mayor Bencivengo.