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5/1/2014 - TRAFFIC ALERT -- Due to current flooding conditions, Cypress Lane from Rockwood Ave to Whitehorse Avenue remains closed (Thursday, May 1)



As of 6 AM, Sweet Briar Ave. from Whitehead Rd to Trinity Ave. is now OPEN

As of 9:15 AM,  Assunpink Blvd. from 2nd Ave. to 5th Ave. is now OPEN

As of 9:15 AM, Rutgers Ave. from Sweet Briar Ave. to Trinity Ave is now OPEN

As of 1:30 PM, Whitehead Rd. from 7th Ave. to Township Line. (Whitehead Bridge into Lawrence) is now OPEN

As of 7:30 PM, Rutgers Ave. from Amhurst Ave. to dead end is now OPEN

As of 7:30 PM, Brown Ave. from Rutgers Ave. to Vetterlein Ave. is now OPEN

Cypress Lane is now OPEN