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2/9/2010 - Information for Anticipated February 9th-10th Winter Storm

Information for Anticipated February 9th-10th Winter Storm


As of Tuesday at Noon, the latest weather forecast information available to the Township is calling for up to 18 inches of snow for Hamilton and surrounding areas. This snowfall is expected to begin this evening, with up to 8 inches accumulating by tomorrow morning and with snowfall expected to continue throughout the entire day of Wednesday.


This snowfall is likely to extend the period of time necessary to plow all roads because of both the high accumulation of snow we are expected to receive, as well as the increased difficulty of pushing the snow off our roads considering the existing piles of packed snow from this weekend’s storm.   


As we asked with this past weekend's storm, we are asking residents to move vehicles that are parked on or along all Township roads onto residents' driveways or properties.  During the last storm, our Township plow crews were able to plow our roads faster, and in nearly all cases, curb-to-curb, thanks to residents’ cooperation in moving their automobiles off of the roads.


We are reminding residents to utilize the Snow Plow Sal feature on our Township website available through the following link (Snow Plow Sal).  


Important Reminders:


You MUST type in your street number with your street address (example "2090" Greenwood Avenue). The Snow Plow Sal application will not function without your street number.

The timeline you receive for snow plowing is an estimate, and subject to change according to conditions.

Check back often as the estimated time for your road to be plowed can change.


To receive the fastest updates, download Google Chrome, which is available on the “Snow Plow Sal” website.

Hamilton’s Primary Roads (which are our main local roads) are plowed first and continue to be plowed (multiple times) until the winter event ends. This is done so that Emergency Personnel and Essential Safety Employees can safely travel these main roads.  CLICK HERE for our list of Primary Roads.

Some Primary Roads run though neighborhood areas. Other main roads are maintained by either the State of New Jersey or by Mercer County. CLICK HERE for our list of State and County Roads.

Township Secondary (Neighborhood) Roads are plowed after snowfall ends.

Hamilton Township is responsible for salting and plowing 625 lane miles of roads during winter storm events.

For most snow events, it can take up to 36 hours for all Township secondary roads to be plowed from curb-to-curb, following the end of snowfall.  However, as with any storm, changing conditions can also change the time necessary to complete these plowing efforts.



Updates for Residents:


Tonight’s H1N1 Flu Clinic has been CANCELED.  The Clinic has been rescheduled to take place on Tuesday, February 16, 2010, from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM at Colonial Fire House, located at 801 Kuser Road in Hamilton.

In the event of Township Offices closing tomorrow, information will be updated at the Hamilton Township website ( as soon a determination is made.  If necessary, the Township will also periodically place important updates on the website during the storm and clean-up efforts.    


Finally, Township officials are working on possible contingency plans for any missed garbage and recycling collection services that result from the winter storm.  Should any rescheduling be necessary, this information will also be placed on the Township website. 


Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this upcoming storm event.  Please make every effort to exercise extra caution during and after the storm.