Hamilton Township: A Compassionate Community

Township Calendar Photo Contest Looking for Pictures Showing Hamilton as a Compassionate Community

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Hamilton is home to numerous non-profit organizations and residents who volunteer their time or donate their resources to charitable causes.

And for this year’s annual Hamilton Township Calendar ‘Photo Contest’, Mayor Kelly Yaede and Township officials are seeking photographs that show how Hamilton Township is a Compassionate Community!

“With so many great non-profit organizations and residents who volunteer their time and efforts toward great causes all across our hometown, I am sure that we will receive some great pictures that illustrate the compassion of our community,” says Mayor Kelly Yaede. 

Township officials are asking residents to submit a photograph (limit of one entry per household) that illustrates a volunteer effort or charitable cause that has taken place in Hamilton.  In an effort to help include photographs for as many hometown organizations or causes as possible, Township officials are also asking that volunteers associated with an organization coordinate with fellow members/volunteers to help prevent multiple photographs being submitted on behalf of the same organization or effort (as Township officials will select one photograph for each organization and/or cause to feature).   

Additionally, all entries must confirm full permission for all of the individuals and objects featured in the photograph, as well as having the full right to submit the photograph for publication in the 2020 Township Calendar. 

Participating residents will be asked to fill out a mandatory contest disclaimer form on the Township website, HamiltonNJ.com/PhotoContest, which will feature other important contest information, picture resolution requirements and a way to submit their one submission through the online form.

The deadline for submitting photographs will be Friday, October 4, 2019.

Advertisement Opportunities

Each year, advertisements from private businesses help to continue the Hamilton Township Municipal Government Calendar, which is delivered to homes and businesses across the community. 

Interested businesses can learn more about these advertising opportunities by visiting HamiltonNJ.com/CalendarAds