Online Forms

Instructions for Using Adobe Fill-in Forms

All forms for the Clerk's Office are provided to you in PDF format which enables the user to download and print out blank forms that are identical to those available in hard copy at our office. These forms also enable you to fill-in the information using your computer keyboard and then print the information for submission to this office. Please note that these fill-in forms are not the same as electronic filing so therefore it is not possible to electronically submit the form - you must print it after entering the information. If the form requires a signature, this office must receive the form with an original signature. Providing our forms online in this format is one of the most useful features of our office website. Listed below are guidelines to make your online experience helpful.

Important: The free Adobe Reader software cannot save your completed fill-in form for use at a later time. However, you can save a blank fill-in form for future use. To do this, return to the page containing the link to the form, right-click and select save target as/save link as from the pop-up menu which will appear to a location on your computer.

  • After reading through these instructions, proceed to the first page of the form you wish to fill-in. After it is displayed in your browser window, position the pointer inside a form field and clock. The pointer will change to an I-beam in fields were entering text is permitted. Any field in red is required information and must be completed.
  • Enter your information and then press Tab on your keyboard to go to the next field. You may also use your cursor to move from field to field. Place the cursor in the field you want to fill-in and clock.
  • Once you have filled out the entire form and you're ready to print it out, be sure to make note of how many copies you will need printed. It is advisable that you print an additional copy for your records.
  • You should ensure that the cursor is not inside a field form before printing the form. Use the mouse to click in an area of the form where there are no fields.
  • Do not use your web browser's print function. Use the print button at the left of the Adobe Reader tool bar which appears above the viewing window.
  • After clicking on the print button, a print dialogue box will appear which gives you several options, including the option to print the entire document or specify a range of pages to print.
  • If you need more room than what is provided for entering your information in a field, please attach your supplemental information to the printed form. If you can't see what you have entered into a field in its entirety, then it will not be visible when your print the document either.