‘Flushable’ Wipes & Grease Clog Our Pipes

'Flushable' Wipes and Grease Clog Our Pipes: Help Us Keep Both Out of Our System!

How can 'flushable' wipes not be flushable?

And why is grease such a big deal for our wastewater system?

Because once they go down the drain, they do not break down.

Rather, they form dangerous clots that are more difficult to remove than residents might imagine.

For instance, even wipes that are advertised as 'flushable' are not. When flushed, these products actually clump together and become difficult to pass through our collection system.

They often lead to back-ups in wastewater pipes and residential laterals.

The same goes for grease. Most people assume that grease remains a liquid. However, after being flushed, the opposite happens. The grease actually forms solid clumps that can become as hard as concrete. Often, the solid grease cause significant damage to our system.

That is why Hamilton's Department of Water Pollution Control vigorously monitors signs of grease entering our system and requires commercial customers to install external grease traps.

So help us protect our system so that it continues to work for you. Keep wipes and grease out of our system!